There's nothing wrong with a fella who's in touch with his feminine side, but sometimes a man can cross the line. Is your man merely a metrosexual, consciously dedicated to his appearance, or has he gone way too far?

Take this quiz to gauge whether your guy's too girly:

1. His idea of pampering himself includes:
Waxing and a facial (Score = 1)
Long shower, close shave and maybe a pedicure (Score = 2)
Clipping his toenails and trimming his nose hair (Score = 3)
A soft, new robe (Score = 4)
An aromatherapy spa session with Jacques (Score = -1)

2. Which best describes your guy?
Catty (Score = 1)
Sensitive (Score = 2)
Special (Score = 3)
Rugged (Score = 4)
Bitchy (Score = -1)

3. When it comes to shopping:
He likes it more than I do (Score = 1)
He's on a first-name basis with sales clerks all over town (Score = 2)
He doesn't mind window shopping much (Score = 3)
He shops, but it's not on his list of fun things to do (Score = 4)
The only thing he likes more is redecorating (Score = -1)

4. What does he drive?
Sports car (Score = 1)
Boxster (Score = 2)
SUV (Score = 3)
Pickup (Score = 4)
VW Bug (Score = -1)

5. His medicine cabinet is stocked with:
Tweezers to pluck his eyebrows and lots of cuticle gel (Score = 1)
A wide selection of facial creams and lotions (Score = 2)
Vitamins, aftershave and cologne (Score = 3)
Antifungal spray (Score = 4)
Makeup (Score = -1)

How well did your fella fare?

Less than 0: Maybe he just likes to play dress-up sometimes. Or maybe there's something he's not telling you. You might want to have a candid conversation with him.

0-5: This guy seems to be in possession of a lot of stereotypical "womanly" traits. How do you feel about dating "one of the girls"?

6-10: He could go either way. Gauge your comfort level with his effeminate traits before you go any further. If they bug you, consider catching a manlier man.

11-15: This guy's in touch with his feminine side but hasn't taken it to the extreme. And maybe you can trade some grooming or decorating secrets.

16-20: He's a manly man without being a Neanderthal.

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